Growing digital newsrooms

We offer programmes, training and resources to help news organisations harness the latest technology and techniques for growth on the platform.
Growing digital newsrooms
Dedicated support

Eligible news channels can gain access to dedicated support at YouTube. Whether they’re facing a specific problem or want to get the most out of the platform, these news partners have the opportunity to work with an internal team member at YouTube to brainstorm, reimagine or align on their digital platform strategy. By connecting news channels with people at YouTube, we can help them reach their goals on the platform.

Funding programmes

We’re committed to helping news organisations build sustainable business models and reach new audiences, all while adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. To help achieve this, we’ve launched a series of programmes to support the strategic growth, scaling and revenue sustainability of our news partners.

We’ve seen a growing number of reporters, like HugoDécrypte, publishing independently and successfully reaching new audiences. Because of this, we launched a creator programme in August 2021 to help journalists thrive independently and sustainably on YouTube. The programme includes trainings, grants and dedicated partner support to give this new generation of independently publishing reporters the tools needed to succeed on YouTube.

As part of the Google News Initiative’s $300M commitment to help journalism thrive in the digital age, we launched the Sustainability Lab. In this cohort-based Lab, we worked closely with 65 partners to build, test and scale new business models across the four themes: digital newsrooms, advertising revenue, user revenue and cost savings.

In addition to the Sustainability Lab, we also launched Innovation Funding in partnership with the Google News Initiative. We provide funding across 20 global markets to support news organisations in building sustainable video operations. Provided on an application basis to news organisations of all types, these grants enabled our partners to build key capabilities, train staff on video best practices, enhance production facilities and develop formats optimised for online video.

News Working Group

Supporting quality journalism requires close collaboration with the news industry.

That’s why we introduced an ongoing strategy meeting called the News Working Group. The programme brings together news organisations and experts from around the world along with our YouTube team to help improve the news experience on the platform, including providing product development feedback. We’ve seen the benefits of collaborating directly with the news industry and look forward to continuing this series in the future.

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