Fostering informed viewers

We work alongside the news industry to help foster an informed citizenry by offering products that provide context, so viewers can make well-informed decisions about the world.
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Providing context to viewers

Sometimes a video alone does not provide enough context to viewers about what they’re watching. That’s why we highlight text-based information about certain events, topics, publishers, and more from third-party sources using Information Panels across YouTube.

Developing news

In developing news situations – when high-quality video may not be immediately available – we display links to text-based news articles from authoritative sources in YouTube search results. We also provide a reminder that developing news can rapidly change.
Developing News
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Fact checks

Our fact check information panels provide fresh context by highlighting relevant, third-party fact-checked articles above search results for relevant queries so that viewers can make their own informed decision about claims made in the news.
Facts checks
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Topics prone to misinformation

For well-established historical and scientific topics that are often subject to misinformation, general reference articles linking to third-party sources appear alongside related search results and videos. We do this by surfacing contextual information from third-party sources including Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia to provide more context.
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Publisher funding

Since knowledge around funding sources can provide context when assessing an organization's background, we disclose government or public funding for news publishers via information panels alongside their videos.
Publisher Funding
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